August 2017 - Kimberley Bird Watching

  • Ashmore Reef 2018

    The 2018 Ashmore Reef trip has been scheduled with plenty of lead time to allow people to book early and secure their berth. We are now chartering The Diversity with 12 berths available. A good manageable number with practical implications for the trips confirmation. The 2018 trip will also visit Browse Island (full access) on our return journey and possibly the Lacepede islands if we have time and the conditions allow us to land safely. We have secured full access to all the Ashmore Islands and sand cays. The itinerary and our course will remain much the same as previous trips following the continental shelf break on our way north to Scott Reef and heading west of Ashmore into very deep water before heading east to Ashmore Reef and the inner mooring located close to West Island. Over 16 years the Ashmore has been running the pelagic sea birding has always thrown up exciting experiences and the opportunity to see some very rare species with challenging identification issues. The opportunity for Mammal watchers is also fantastic with some amazing cetacean sightings over the years. For keen bird photographers the Ashmore trip is a must with tantalising opportunities to grab that special shot. Dates: 8th to the 16th of November 2018 Vessel: The Diversity Cost: AUD$6,300.00 Duration: 9 days

  • Ashmore Reef 2017

    Kimberley Birdwatching is running the successful annual pelagic trip from Broome to Ashmore Reef and return in November 2017 the trip will be led by Dr Rohan Clark and George Swann. The 2016 trip was hugely successful and this year we’ll be visiting Browse Island again on the return leg. Browse Island has recently become a very exciting focus of this trip with some extraordinary sightings. Last year’s trip had a pair of immature Chinese Sparrowhawks on the island, so it’s almost a case of throwing the dice in the air and guessing what’s it going to be next? Previous records include Arctic Warbler, Island Monarch, Blue and White, Asian Brown and Dark sided Flycatcher, Tiger Shrike, Black Bittern and Pechora Pipit. The Ashmore trip is regularly consistent for many sought after pelagic species which of course is why it has such appeal to many birders. The very real chance to see such enigmatic species as Jouanin’s Petrel and Swinhoe’s Storm petrel. The trip has also performed remarkably well for Abbots Booby over the years, initially thought to be a vagrant to the area Abbott’s Booby is clearly a regular visitor. Ashmore Reef itself never fails to impress visiting birders and naturalists the islands supporting a vast selection of tropical seabirds including all three species of Noddy together, impressive flocks of shorebirds and huge potential for vagrants and less common irregular migrants. Ashmore also has great snorkelling so don’t forget your mask and fins. Dates: 5th to the 13th of November 2017 Charter operator: Diversity Charters Vessel: The Diversity Cost: AUD$6,300.00 Duration: 9 days 2 Berths remaining to book contact George Swann 0429 706 800 or email, Download 2016 Ashmore Reef Summary

  • George Swann

    Your Guide - George Swann

    George was born in England and emigrated to Australia in 1984. He has lived in Broome since 1989 and established Kimberley Birdwatching in 1993.

    Through many years of fieldwork, George has gained tremendous knowledge of the natural history of the Kimberley, including bird distribution and behaviour, with the emphasis on rare, endangered and poorly known species.

    George is a professional bird guide, with a passionate interest in the natural history and ecology of the region. He is a resourceful bushman and an infectiously enthusiastic travelling companion.

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